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    ACLF Northwest is a community-based, nonprofit organization that trains and supports the leadership
    and civic engagement of
    Asian Pacific Islanders with a commitment to social justice, community empowerment and public service.

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1414 S. Weller St.
Seattle, WA 98144

6 Responses

  1. Dear ACLF, please call me at 253-383-3900. I have a community project proposal for your group to work on. I need your help please. I am the Executive Director of Asia Pacific Cultural Center. I would like to have a meeting with you asap. Thank you!

    Lua Pritchard
    cell – 253-590-7457

  2. Hi,
    I’m interested in finding out about how SE Asian people in the Seattle area are represented and how culturally sensitive the community is.


  3. Please let me know how I could get into The Communitty leadership Training program. I am a Pacific Islander from the Fiji Islands.

    Thank You.

  4. Hello, my daughter is a sophmore in high school , and is looking for a summer leadership program. She is of Hawaiian and Japanese decent. Does ACLF offer any such classes? Or do you know of a program that caters to highschoolers, that you would recommend?
    Thank you,
    Leslie Aiona

  5. How do we contact your organization about event and services activities such as resources for the elder need like doctor visit and other services

  6. Hi. I was just wondering if you could provide me with a time schedule for the API leadership course that’s coming up

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